Thriving Together in the Skills Zone


This is an advanced group is for couples who have completed Couples Communication Skills I Group- Collaborative Couples Communication Skills.

Thriving Together in the Skills Zone builds upon the concepts you learned in Couples Communication I. It will help you and your partner continue to learn jointly and grow together in your journey through life.

In the Couples Communication II Group- Thriving Together in the Skills Zone, you will learn and practice-

  • Enjoying a collaborative operating system
  • Make more satisfying decisions as a couple
  • Manage your own anger better
  • Respond to your partner’s anger more effectively
  • Align your values, goals, and plans as a partnership
  • Strengthen your relationship

What’s included-

  • Four Week group meets once a week for 1.5 hours to learn and practice the skills
  • Aids for practice between group sessions
  • Two Thriving Together in the Skills Zone Workbooks
  • A set of small Listening Cycle and Awareness Wheel skills mats 
  • Two Awareness Wheel Pads
  • Application, reference, and reinforcement tools for use after the program is completed