I’m so glad you found me.

My goal is to bring you a new perspective on life to help you feel more empowered. We are in a new era- the age of Aquarius- they say.

Aquarius connects us to energies of originality, eccentricity, freedom, radical expression, and epiphanies of all sorts. It craves innovation and orients us to the future and what is possible. When sparked it catalyzes creativity, new insights, or exciting novelty. 


Activated Aquarius energy in our society spurs technology breakthroughs—it’s arguably what gave us the Internet. Yet Aquarius energy also compels us to consider social justice as part of the collective and communal experience.

I believe that helpers, healers, creatives, and empaths are the ones to guide us during this time. You are a deep thinker who knows how to connect with your inner guidance and creativity. You sense and know things through using your intuition- the deep knowing within us. What I want you to know if these are gifts that will help our world. Usually, we have developed these amazing qualities from very challenging situations in our life.

Many of us have been taught that we are just daydreamers, too emotional, or too much. I want to tell you that those people just don’t get it. They are usually bound by only operating from the left or logical part of their brain. But you have the ability to use the right side or creative part of your brain. You are not bound just by what we can see physically. You are able to use your imagination and are a visionary. You can see things not yet happening or that may seem impossible to others.

And of course, they don’t get it. They see the whole through a very different lens. And when we try to explain to them what we are seeing, it’s just not in their view. They can’t see and do what you can. Please know you are a gift to the world. We need you for the world to evolve. Your voice is so important right now. I want to support you in having more confidence to stand and speak up boldly. I admit it is a little selfish as I want to create a better world for us all including my children and their children.

But we have to get stronger in order to do that. So many of us have been dismissed, discarded, and treated horribly. So it makes sense if you have critical voices in your head at times that says things like “I am too sensitive”, “I’m worthless”, “This project I am working on is trash”, “I’ll never get to follow my dreams and live the life I want”, “God, I’m so tired of my partner getting in the way of me creating something new”.


I want to tell you that those things aren’t true. You have been taught those things from others who passed them on to you. They told them and acted like they were about you. But I want to let you in on a little secret. (Ok, not really a secret, but most people don’t know this.) The things they said are really what they were thinking about themselves. Like the “I am sensitive” belief, they were telling you that because they not you had an inability to tolerate your feelings. They made you think that you were inferior to help them feel better. But the truth is your sensitivity is a gift! A treasure! I want you to know that with all your being. It is my mission! I believe in world change happens one person at a time. In the end, we can only control ourselves. And I am a fellow journeyer on this path. I do the work on myself to work through any blocks, so that I can support others. It is my calling.

There was a time that people saw me as anxious and depressed. I struggled. I was deep in it and didn’t know the way out. I spent so many years in that place. So many challenges in life and I felt so lost and alone- like I would never get out. But I kept going. Something inside me said “Don’t give up”.

It wasn’t easy and there was some kicking and screaming and resisting along the way. I found my way. I had a lot of support along this journey and still do. At the beginning it was hard to reach out for support. I had been burned some many times and I didn’t want to trust anyone. You may feel that way too. Like is this girl for real or is she another fraud.


I know I am genuine and my goal is to be supportive in the ways I can be and help give you other resources that are out there as well. I am really good at provide emotional support and helping you think outside the box. A fresh new perspective. I am also a great dreamer- visionary for how things could be. Then I’m also great at breaking these dreams down into small, easy baby steps. I love the work I do. It is a calling.

In the end, you are the one that gets to decide if I am the right person to support you. If I am a good fit for your personality and what you are needing. If you need something that isn’t a strength of mine, I am happy to give you referrals for others who rock at it. I want to help.

If you’d like to schedule a Free 20 minute Phone Consultation, to ask questions and see if we are a fit for each other, please fill out the form here.

I look forward to speaking with you!