Collaborative Couple Communication Skills


The goals of Couple Communication I are to-

  • Improve your day-to-day communication
  • Make better decisions and resolve issues skillfully
  • Increase satisfaction in your relationship

In other words- for you and your partner to create and sustain a collaborative partnership.

In the Couple Communication I Group- Collaborative Couples Communication Skills, you will learn and practice-

  • Learn the 7 dimensions of a collaborative partnership
  • Caring for yourself and your partner better
  • Spot and change breakdowns in communication
  • Expand self and partner awareness about important issues
  • Speak clearly and constructively using six talking skills
  • Listen accurately with five listening skills
  • Deal with personal and relational concerns more effectively
  • Transform conflict into collaboration

What’s included-

  • Four Week group meets once a week for 2 hours to learn and practice the skills
  • Aids for practice between group sessions
  • Two Couples Communication Workbooks
  • A set of large Listening Cycle and Awareness Wheel skills mats 
  • Two Awareness Wheel Pads
  • Two set of Pocket cards
  • Thrivesphere Inventory- taken at beginning and end of program
  • Application, reference, and reinforcement tools for use after the program is completed

For more information on the Listening Cycle and Awareness Wheel, click on the images below.