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Wholeness & Well-Being: Living From That Authentic Place Within

Specializing in Support & Nurturing For Helpers, Healers, Empaths, Creatives, & Highly Sensitive Persons and their Loved Ones

Teens (10 yrs. +) and Adults

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Integrating body, mind, heart, and science

  • Body-centered- Our bodies have innate wisdom. It communicates what it needs in order to survive and cope with stressors—we just need to actively listen.
  • Mind-conscious- Our brain regulates our nervous system and helps us process our emotions. Using mindfulness, we can experience the present moment.
  • Heart-Focused- Using curiosity, we can gain more awareness and understanding about our self and others. Developing compassion for our self we learn to be warm and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate, rather than ignoring our pain or attacking ourselves with self-criticism. We are all interconnected- among the parts of ourselves, between self and others, and between oneself and the universe.  We have spiritual/ existential longings- the search for meaning, passion, and purpose in our life.
  • Science-based- Using knowledge we have about the brain, nervous system, emotional regulation, attachment theory, and human development.

Focused on Wholeness & Well-Being: Living From That Authentic Place Within

Living authentically by knowing yourself, being able to understand, accept and express your emotions, follow your own intuition, and trust in your ability to make the right decisions for yourself and your life can have significant positive impacts on your health and well-being. Research shows that people who live more authentically are prone to greater psychological well-being. Greater mental health generally equates to greater physical health too. When we live from our true or authentic self we experience confidence, connection, curiosity, courage, calm, clarity, compassion, and creativity.  We are also more resilient- better able to recover from challenges in our life.

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When one cannot live from this true place of authenticity, then stress is often created in our minds and bodies. This stress may be subconscious at first (since it likely started from a young age), but it eventually builds over time resulting in mental and physical imbalances that can show up as anxiety, depression, chronic anger, fatigue, stomach disturbances, and chronic illness. As we grew up we received messages from others that parts of ourselves were not accepted or welcomed, so we hide these parts of ourselves.

I believe we all have an innate ability to heal- to integrate all of the parts within ourselves. What we need is a safe environment to open up and be supported- to be seen, feel heard and acknowledged. As humans, we are made to connect and seek support in times of change or distress. Only when we feel safe and secure, can we begin to  explore the parts we had to hide in order to protect ourselves and get to know what they have to tell us.

Wholeness is not the same as perfection. It doesn’t mean there are no problems. Wholeness is being able to accept who we are- warts and all. It doesn’t mean we don’t seek growth or change either. As we get to know our true self and gain acceptance for all parts of us, we are freed up to make the changes we seek. We have more energy to pursue a vibrant life. We recognize we are creators and not victims to life’s circumstances. We can us our imagination and creativity to build what we want.

I like the analogy of being able to surf the waves of life instead of being in the middle of the waves being tossed about. When we fall down, we rest, and get back up when we are ready. Some times we need support in seeing a different, more helpful perspective. Sometimes we need a safe and nurturing place to rest. Let me support you in what you are needing. I am here to give you a soft place to land- to be seen, feel heard and acknowledged.

Well-Being has many dimensions. An overall sense of wellness consists of investing in ourselves in each of these areas.

  • Physical– This includes lifestyle choices that affect the functioning of our bodies. What we eat and how active we are will affect our physical well-being.
  • Emotional/ Psychological– This is our ability to cope with everyday life and reflects how we think and feel about ourselves.
  • Social– This is the extent that we feel a sense of belonging and social inclusion. The way we communicate with others, our relationships, values, beliefs, lifestyles and traditions are all important factors of social well-being.
  • Spiritual– This is the ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life. Achieved through being connected to our inner self, to nature, or even a greater power.
  • Intellectual– It is important to gain and maintain intellectual wellness as it helps us to expand our knowledge and skills in order to live an enjoyable and successful life.
  • Economic– Economic wellness, in short, is our ability to meet our basic needs and feel a sense of security.


"Carlene is an excellent therapist! She has been trained in trauma treatment and uses her gentle and empathic nature to help her clients address areas of struggle to move toward healing and peace."
MJ Denis, LMFT
"Carlene is a wonderful and soulful therapist with deep compassion and well honed skills. She brings her life of experience to bear on the meaningful and resonating work she does with couples, individuals, and families."
Melissa Greenwell, LPC
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